Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the Jesus towers have the best signals!

You know it's going to be a LONG car trip, when you hit the road THREE HOURS late. Okay, it was really only two hours after we planned to leave, but still. It was still late. I went to the Walmart to get new tires right when they opened at 7. It then took until almost 9 to get them put on the car. I was very not happy about this. There are few things worse than driving through Kansas. VERY few. I mean, I would rather have a root canal than drive anywhere in Kansas. I would rather have laser eye surgery than drive through Kansas. (Are you getting the point here?) This was the first time we've driven through during the day, and really? It was WORSE than driving through in the dark. The only thing to look at was the wind farm that is approximately 5 1/2 hours into the drive. 5 1/2 hours into our trip before there was anything GOOD to see. And then there was nothing for the next 2 1/2 hours! There are no radio stations. There is nothing to look at. And had the girls not had entertaining books (and the Nintendo DS) I think we would have all lost our minds!! (More on the drive tomorrow. I'm going to take a PM pill, and try to adjust to Indiana time. ...and for those of you who are wondering how the girls did during the 17 hour car trip...we lived in Colorado Springs, and by the time we got to Peyton, they were asking if that was the town that Grandma lived in. A distance of 24 miles...

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Brat said...

OMG... Kansas is absolutely the worst place to drive through! I'm with you on that one.

You spend a week there in one day.


And for even MORE fun?

Drive through it when it's raining. And the height of summer.

Oh yeah.

Aunt Becky said...

Man, and I thought Illinois was dull!

Anonymous said...