Friday, October 24, 2008

So It Was Like a "Money Shot"?

...that's a quote from the Hubs. I swear. The thought didn't cross my mind, but it sure makes a great blog title. (I wonder the searches that will bring people because of that!!) Poor Potato had to go to the doctor today. Not because he's sick, but because the daycare powers that be say he needs to be medically cleared to not be around the kids. Honest. He has to be behind two barriers so that the kids can't touch him. It's stupid, but hey, whatever. Lucky for Tater, our vet does the "routine" vaccines in three year intervals, and he's just passed the two year mark. He's not due for shots for months. (Unlucky for him, his shots and his neutering will occur at the same time.) But the paper had to be filled out, and we have a great vet, so it's no big deal to go see her. (And vet visits for this stuff is tax deductible to a point) While we were in the waiting room, for an extremely long time, only one other patient came out. It was a gargantuan black lab. I joked to Tater that that dog could swallow half of him without chewing. Being the ever ferocious pug that his is, Potato sniffed the other dog. No big deal, it's how we teach our furry children to get along. The lab had other ideas. After getting one sniff of the pug, he lifted his back leg, AND PEED IN MY DOG'S FACE!!!! My poor poor puppy. I asked for a referral to a reputable therapist. Now ALL my kids are gonna need a shrink!

3 Thoughts on This:

Carey said...

oh my. you hardly have a boring life. poor tater.

Brat said...

Just tell the dorg it's good for his complexion.

Megan said...

I lol'd when you told me and am lol'ing again.

I LOVE the part where you joked with your dog about another dog. Add this kind of crazy to the list! <3